Find the Meanings and Methods to Fix Mozilla Browser Error Codes And Messages

The Reason Mozilla Is Known as the Best Browser:

Our internet surfing experience depends much on two factors: Search Engine and Browser. The speed and security are the two biggest segments to judge the quality of a browser. When it comes to flexibility through customizable add-in options, advanced level security, improved speed, Mozilla has succeeded in being our most favorite browser for years. Mozilla Firefox or Firefox is the browser we are using since our early internet access, and we still choose it over other browsers. Regarding cybersecurity and privacy of our search topics, Mozilla tops the browser list; because it never sells its users’ data as some other profit-based browsers do.

Why Do Mozilla Error Codes and Messages Appear?

Firefox has a strict filtering policy to verify whether a website is secure or not before letting the user view the contents of that webpage. Websites which has “https” before them are the secure ones. If Firefox checks that any particular webpage does not have the security certificate, it blocks the page from the browser and shows an error message on the screen saying “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER” with the error message “your connection is not secure.” This is a precautionary measure only to prevent your computer from connecting to a harmful virus or malicious spyware. But sometimes there occur some technical glitches which stop the loading of a normal and secure site.

How to Fix Mozilla Browser Error Codes Manually?

You can easily troubleshoot the error codes which firefox mistakenly applies on a secure website. This might happen due to some security error in the Antivirus you are using. If your security software contains website scanning facilities, there is a chance that it is those software settings which are blocking HTTPS-webpages. In that case, you can try changing the feature of scanning encrypted connections in the software settings option, or you can try uninstalling the antivirus software and reinstalling it in your computer. The only issue is that different antivirus software has different terms to indicate this feature.

If you are a beginner, you might face trouble in identifying the exact cause of the problem. It is risky to interfere with the security settings without proper knowledge because that may hamper the safety of your computer altogether. That is where our tech-experts will come to your aid. We will give you the customized solutions for your situation after a proper diagnosis of your problem when you ring us up at +1-800-712-0807. The solution is different for each user as their cause of the problem is also different. We don’t want to confuse with a bunch of different methods which might not apply to your case scenario at all.

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